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Based on the success of our local campaigns we began working on races throughout the state, and then, with a national political action committee, on a number of US Senate races.

Although the normal course of campaigns is to start a a low office and work to higher offices, one of our campaigns in a nearby district started as a race for State Representative, and when that failed, ended as a race for Selectman.

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Antoon Button

Doug Antoon moved to the Cape intending to run for Congress against the then incumbent US Representative Gerry Studds. He was an incredibly driven, brilliant and creative young man, committed to getting himself into elected office. If one could win an election on ambition, drive and 'chutzpah', he would be President today.

Antoon Bumper Sticker
Antoon Bumper Sticker

Doug was also very capable of seeing what could really be accomplished, and after a short effort, gave up his plan to run for Congress. He set his sites instead on an open State Representative in the district where he resided. This District was considered to be one of the most conservative in the nation, and was always represented by a Republican in modern times. As an extremely conservative Republican with excellent credentials, Doug had as good a shot as anybody.

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Other Political Campaigns:
Peter Webber Bumper Sticker

Unfortunately for Doug, the opportunity presented by running for an open seat proved attractive to a number of other candidates, and the Republican primary proved to be the real election. Doug's personality, while inspiring fierce loyalty in his supporters, brought out even stronger feelings in others. An experienced, much more liberal Republican, with a strong environmental record, a selectman in a nearby Town,entered the race and won the primary.

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Other Political Campaigns:
The United Group

To those who worked with him, Doug's loss was caused by a classic mistake of a brilliant candidate -- he chose to be candidate, campaign manager and media consultant. A campaign takes a team to be able to analyse, discuss and strategize. When one person, no matter how gifted, chooses to take all those positions it is virtually impossible to win an election.

After his loss in the Republican primary Doug ran for the next open seat for anything, on the local Board of Selectmen. He repeated his mistake of running a one man campaign, and lost again. On his third attempt, in a special election for a seat on the Board vacated by a resignation, he finally achieved his dream -- he was elected.

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