In today's market we are offered unparalleled abundance of high quality, nutritious foods, as well as a dazzling selection of very convenient but nutritionally questionable food products. It isn't always easy to live a balanced life, nurturing and nourishing the physical body, mind and spirit.

Many of us believe that, no matter how vigilant we are in our consumption of wholesome, nutritious foods, we need to use nutritional supplements to stay energetic and healthy.

We understand that the human body is a part of a system where everything works together and nothing exists in isolation. In cooperation with the food scientists, nutritionists and herbalists of Synergy Worldwide (a wholly owned subsidiary of Nature's Sunshine, the highly respected, natural health industry giant, known for it's herbal products), we offer a triad of products, called the V3 System, designed to support the human body in three critical areas.

The innovative Vital 3 System builds on our philosophy to create a true breakthrough in nutrition. The power of V3 lies in how its three products, Core Greens, Mistica, and ProArgi-9, work together to build a foundation for good health, boost longevity, and circulate energy throughout the body.