In our effort to live in harmony with all levels of being, special joy is achieved when we meet others traveling the same path. Sharing our experience of existence and journey towards enlightenment offers more than physical, temporal and spiritual bliss -- the proximity of harmonious energy fields releases a force far greater than we can generate individually.

Most spiritual traditions recognize the exponential power of shared belief. Quantum physics provides a modern scientific basis for these ancient beliefs -- enormous releases of energy are possible when certain sytems are brought together.

We have had the good fortune to ally our efforts with a group of like-minded friends under the aegis of a company called Synergy Worldwide. We are working together to bring the promise of advanced nutrition and nutracuticals to all who are ready to recieve it. Synergy offers a seamless global opportunity to build a network of friends who share in a vision of health, wellness and longevity.

We are an open, equal opportunity organization, welcoming all who share in a belief in freedom and the opportunity to share advanced wellness and nutritional conepts and products. If you would like more information on how to access our vision, you can click on the "contact" link below, or visit the corporate website by clicking here.