Zen Mind Living at it's fullest is a process of moving through time in a state of "gnosis", or "knowing", a hyper-conscious awareness, fully realizing the potential of existence, fullfilling our purpose, at every moment energized by the power of the divine.

Until such time as that level of existence can be realized, Zen Mind Living is a practice of making a mindful effort to live well, eat right, exercise, keep our lives stress free and peaceful, continually striving to achieve spiritual enlightenment.

As a business entity, INTERIOR PEACE Zen Mind Living practices concepts which support physical, mental and spiritual healing and growth using holistic techniques, concepts and products harmonious with our physical and spiritual natures and our existence in a natural environment.

We focus on three closely related areas of energy: color, lighting and nutrition.

  • Our HEALING LIGHTTM Color System is derived from recent Egyptian and Meso-American archeological discoveries, ancient texts, Early Christian, Muslim and Buddhist beliefs about the spiritual meaning of color, incorporating recent developments in quantum mechanics and the psychology of color.

  • Our approach to lighting systems similarly respects traditional beliefs while incorporating recent scientific discoveries and developing technologies. We believe in the opening verses of the Pentateuch where it states that "... Elohim said "Let there be light;" and there was light, and he saw the light, that it was good ..."

  • Our approach to nutrition deals directly with the reality of our existence as a physical entity with a spiritual nature. We are on Earth at this time for a reason, and our purpose is best served by keeping our bodies functioning for as long as intended by our Creator.
  • INTERIOR PEACE Zen Mind Living is a lifestyle of creating a physical environment to reflect the serenity and peace we visualize for all the world.